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Medicine is quite possibly the last high consequence field to embrace the regular practice of life like rehearsals regularly for the infrequent high consequence patient care events. High fidelity simulation is changing that, making the rare clinical presentation a common training event, thereby preparing clinicians of all kinds to care for the most endangered patients.

Our simulations will increase team performance, address communication dynamics, reduce medical errors, improve outcomes, and prepare your staff using life-like rehearsals for the very rare and very dangerous patient care events.

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Why Are Clinicians Embracing Simulation?

Simulation reduces preventable medical errors.

Simulation improves patient outcomes.

Simulation increases healthcare team performance.

Simulation prepares teams for high consequence care.

Simulation identifies latent patient care threats.

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This was the best most real life training I've done in year! I love this class. I would do this every month if I could!...

Tracy N
Bigfork Fire Department

I have been in EMS for 15 years, Best Refresher Ever! Simulation lab gets and A plus as a training aid!...

Tim Booze
Big Fork Fire Department

Excellent training. The best sim based training I have ever seen. Love that you you tailored sims to meet our needs and mission!...

Chuck Curry
Flathead County Sheriff

It was amazing! Closest training to real life I have ever experienced!...

Dusty Schuler
Memorial Ambulance Service

This was an amazing, stress free way of learning. We learned what were our oversights - what we could have done better in a relaxed environment, then after we learned and were able to discuss what happened. I felt the instructor Loren was excellent in the fact he never once made me feel like a failure. I can't express what a wonderful experience this was. We really hope you come back and spend mor...

Rural EMT
Memorial Ambulance Service, BLS refresher

It was a great experience and I learned a lot today. It was great doing hands on class. We really appreciate that you came the Shelby....

Julie Gernaat
EMT, Marias Medical Center

Very well organized and realistic! I enjoyed the was that the scenario unfolded  and participants were left to work through each scenario in a real life way. The post scenario reviews were very helpful....

John Pettit
Three Forks EMS

This was all amazing training, thank you so much!...

Tyrel Stoker
Hegben Basin Rural Fire Department

It was very educational.Local law enforcement would benefit from this training....

Dariel Palmer
Police Officer, West Yellowstone

Absolutely AMAZING! Very realistic, just like real life. Keep coming to our fire department!...

Jeremy Gallagher
Hegben Basin Rural Fire Department

Probably one of the best medical scenarios I've ever been a part of. The quality of the manikin and realism of the ambulance interior was incredible....

Tim Cole
HBRFD EMT Refresher

Amazing training for a subject I've never had hands on practice with. Controlled but stressful environment....

Mathew Herton
Joliet EMS Refresher

Just AWESOME!...

Sarah Wallila
Joliet EMS refresher

This was Super! I feel much better about a potential delivery!...

Elaine Bawden

The simulation was great, and the educators were very knowledgeable. I have learned a lot and I am ready to use the knowledge I gained today in our hospital. Thank you so much! ...

Elena South
Daniels Memorial Medical Center

Outstanding training. Needs to be highly encourage for all ER, ICU, OB/PED staff to attend. Need this training FREQUENTLY!...

Zach Deffinbaugh
St. Peters Hospital, Helena

This was great! Very low key which made me feel comfortable in this learning environment. It's nice to have a refresher like this! Would be nice to have simulation more often for education. ...

April Spangrad
RN - Stillwater Billings Clinic

Excellent opportunity to practice skills. Simulation and crew were phenomenal. I most appreciate how well the simulation team mitigated ego's and competition and focused the participants on the skills and learning....

Miles City Fire Department

Thank you - the entire simulation was very beneficial. You were all so great with your experience and input....

Janette Graham
RN, Prairie Community Medical Center, Terry MT

This course was phenomenal. I feel I learned a lot about myself and my own clinical skills. I feel more confident as a nurse. The instructors were encouraging and great educators!...

Caitlin Brown
RN, Praire Community Medical Center, Terry MT

This is an open experience with fantastic instructors. As close to a real life experience as you can get. I would recommend this simulation to both new and experienced providers both. Learn something new or brush up on skills you may no use everyday. Fantastic experience!...

Nick Stinson
EMT, Miles City Fire Department

SIM-MT Contract

Simulation events require a clear understanding of all the stakeholders to make sure that the expectations, objectives and logistics are met. A contract for each event guarantees you will receive the highest quality simulation experience.

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What About Cost?

While the cost of some simulation events is subsidized by the start-up funding provided by the Helmsley Charitable Trust, every event does incur actual expenses to Simulation in Motion Montana. The goal for this project is to become self-sustaining, in part by charging for some simulation events. Part of the contract that you will receive will help you and your agency prepare for the cost of mobile simulation in the future by including the price of the event you are requesting as the project becomes self-sustaining. 

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