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Medical Simulation Brings High-Tech Training To Montana's Remote Clinics

As reported by Montana Public Radio, "Health care providers, like athletes, need routine and rigorous training to stay on top of their game. But getting that instruction is challenging for those practicing frontier medicine. One Montana program is now delivering state-of-the-art simulated training to some of the state’s most remote clinics and hospitals. And experts say it’s helping save lives...SIM-MT operates three of these rolling training labs; one each in Montana’s western, central and Hi-Line regions. Together they annually rack up over 100,000 miles to provide ongoing medical education to the state’s rural health care providers." (READ MORE/LISTEN TO THE FULL REPORT!)

Simulation In Motion - Montana Plays Key Role In MT Program To Help Pregnant And Post Postpartum Women

As reported by KTVQ Billings, "The state of Montana has received a $10 million, five-year federal grant to improve health outcomes for pregnant and post postpartum women. The new program is called the Montana Obstetric and Maternal Support (MOMS) program and is expected to launch beginning in early 2020... Simulation in Motion-MT Trucks will be used to bring training to the rural providers. The trucks are outfitted with pregnant manikins that can simulate a number of complications that can arise from pregnancy." (READ MORE)

Prehospital Trauma Life Support Training: Simulation In Motion-Montana Inc. In Ennis

Simulation in Motion – Montana Inc. conducted a weekend of emergency medical training for members of the Ennis Ambulance Service, Madison Valley Rural Fire Department, Lifeflight and neighboring emergency medical technicians at the Ennis Fire Hall Sept. 28 -19.

The two day training gave students opportunities to apply their skills on mannequins or volunteers with mock injuries, which were created using makeup and fake blood. Students reacted to real-life, changing situations in the simulations, which helps medical responders uphold prehospital trauma life support training certifications. 

“We don’t get a chance to use a lot of those skills,” Ennis EMS manager, Patti Austin said... (READ MORE)

Local Medical Community Teams Up For Rare Opportunity

What do you get when you combine powerful resources, intelligent people and a few smart dummies? A rare but excellent opportunity.

The set-up looked a little like this: three very high tech mobile training trailers, about 30 skilled medical professionals from the Wyoming Army National Guard’s Medical Detachment, Goshen County Public Health with a slew of medical supplies and support staff, professional medical educators from Best Practice Medicine and representatives from Platte, Niobrara and Goshen County Emergency Management. All were gathered at the National Guard armory in Guernsey to collectively accomplish one thing: prepare teams for high consequence encounters and they did just that. (READ MORE)

DC Ambulance Hosts Multi-agency Training

On July 27 [2019] the Daniels County Ambulance hosted a multi-agency training. Best Practice Medicine brought the Montana Sim Truck to Scobey to train on overdose events using Narcan and trench rescue. Many agencies around the world carrying Narcan for overdose emergencies and Daniels County Ambulance is one of those. (READ MORE)

Simulation Lab Prepares Doctors for Emergencies - Best Practice Medicine via Simulation in Motion on location in Missoula, MT.

News station ABC Fox Montana covers our medical simulation training, Simulation in Motion Montana, with an interview of Darin Bell, Director of Rural Education and SIM-MT Board Member. Read full article here.

MSUN Partners With SIM-MT to Better Prepare and Train Their Nursing Students

Montana State University Northern ( Partners With SIM-MT, powered by Best Practice Medicine, to better prepare and train their nursing students. Simulation in Motion - Montana helps bring hands-on state of the art medical simulation training to communities across Montana.

Simulation in Motion – Montana Team Leader DJ Olson Interviews MSUN Nursing Students

After going through SIM-MT's mobile simulation lab, students from Montana State University Northern ( give their thoughts and feedback about the experience. Simulation in Motion - Montana, powered by Best Practice Medicine, helps bring hands-on state of the art medical simulation training to communities across Montana.

Simulation in Motion - Montana (SIM-MT) Provides Medical Simulation Training in Helena, MT

News station covers our medical simulation training to the team at Montana Medical Transport in Helena, MT.

Simulation in Motion - Montana (SIM-MT) Trains Butte, MT’s MedStart Camp Students

News station covers our training of Butte, MT’s MedStart Camp high school students. Students interested in pursuing a medical career were exposed to everything from putting on a splint to clearing the airways by using the high-tech SIM-MT mannequin. Montana has a shortage of EMS professionals so more and more organizations are working to encourage students towards the much needed and rewarding field of Emergency Medical Services.

Simulation in Rural Healthcare Conference comes to Bozeman, MT

News station reports on the Simulation in Rural Healthcare Conference, 2018, held in Bozeman, MT. This state-of-the-art simulation program travels everywhere it's needed, particularly in rural communities, providing life-saving medical training and techniques using special realistic mannequins to enhance the experience. Among the attendees was Simulation in Motion - Montana, a Bozeman based non-profit run by Best Practice Medicine, made possible by funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Lincoln Ambulance Personnel Train With Simulation in Motion - Montana

If you ever took a CPR class and found the old Resuci-Annie CPR dummies a little...creepy, the idea of a medical mannequin that can scream at you, move its eyes and deliver a moving baby may seem like the stuff of nightmares, but such a simulator provided important and realistic training for members of the Lincoln Volunteer Ambulance last weekend. READ MORE

CALS Integrates Best Practice's Mobile SIM Lab Into Polson, MT, Course

CALS Rural Emergency Medical Education reports "Last week we offered a 3-day CALS course at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Polson, MT. This was the pilot program integrating the Best Practices Mobile SIM Lab into the Obstetrical Deliveries portion of the course. It was a great success and very well-received by all. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Best Practice Medicine..." READ MORE

Simulation in Motion – Montana Helps Train Local ER Personnel

Central Montana Foundation & Medical Center Foundation reports "...60 local EMS, RNs, Medical Assistants, Respiratory Therapists and ER physicians were recently able to take part in three days of simulation training. The Helmsley’s Simulation in Motion program brings life-savings tools and training via mobile simulation to emergency medical responders across Montana…" READ MORE (Continued on p.5).

Mobile lab trains with realistic manikins - Simulation in Motion - Montana

ABC Fox Montana reports "Medical workers in rural Montana are receiving a new type of medical training with the help of realistic manikins. Instead of just practicing on regular manikins, medical workers are able to practice multiple real-life scenarios with the bonus of "real-life" reactions..." READ MORE

Mobile medical training truck stops in Havre - Simulation in Motion - Montana

Havre Daily News reports "A mobile medical simulation training truck carrying high-definition manikins arrived in Havre Tuesday and left Wednesday but not before people received tours of the mobile training facility and local medical leaders met to talk about using the facility for future training..." READ MORE

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